Research Lines

INPROAL has as objective carry out high quality basic and applied science in the following matters:

1. Quality, preservation and shelf life of foods:

  • Development of functional or active additives and ingredients through of micro and nanoencapsulation processes to protect active compounds for food preservation.
  • Study of browning reaction kinetics in model and real systems.
  • Determination of visual quality of products by means of image analysis by computer vision.
  • Study of emulsions stability.
  • Development of edible coatings to extend the shelf life of fresh products.

2. Food matrices design, sensory perception and lipidic compounds bioavailability:

  • Study of physical-chemical mechanisms involved in stimuli release from the food matrix.
  • Sensory perception and oral process. Influence of food changes during ingestion and swallowing in physiological perception of stimuli.
  • New methodologies for study of the factors that influence consumer response.
  • Effect of food matrix and ingredients interactions in lipids bioavailability during the digestive process.

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