Capacitation and technical assistance

Micro/nanoencapsulation of active compounds for ingredients development

Edible coatings to extend the shelf life of fresh products

Physical (rheology, color, FT-IR) and antimicrobial characterization of food products

Emulsions characterization

Determination of real time shelf life and accelerated shelf life

Products development

Sensory analysis and consumer studies

Available Equipment

  • • Computer vision system LabVisionQ, Chile
  • • Spectrophotometer Shimadzu UVmini-1240, Japan
  • • Microplate spectrophotometer Multiscan GO Thermoscientific, Finland
  • • FT-IR spectrometer with attenuated total reflectance unit, Spectrum Two System, Perkin-Elmer, USA
  • • Hot plate magnetic stirrer Velp Scientific, Italy
  • • Ultraturrax Tristor Regler TR50 homogenizator, Germany
  • • Laboratory convection oven Wiseven Daihan Scientific WOF-105, Korea
  • • Optical microscope Carl Zeiss, Germany
  • • Digital camera Canon EOS Rebel T3, Tokyo, Japan
  • • Stability optical analyzer Turbiscan MA2000 Classic Formulaction, USA
  • • Autoclave HL-340 Hung Lin Medical Instruments, Taiwan
  • • Freeze-dryer FD5508 ilShin, Korea
  • • Mini spray-dryer B-290 BÜCHI, USA
  • • Water activity analyzer AquaLab Pre, Decagon Devices, USA
  • • Ultrasonic homogenizer Sonics, VCX500, USA
  • • pH meter Jenway, 3505, United Kingdom
  • • Shaking-incubator N-Biotek NB-205, Korea
  • • Rotational rheometer RheolabQC Anton Paar, Austria
  • • Oxidative stability analyzer RapidOxy Anton Paar, Austria
  • • Vortex Velp Scientifica ZX3, Europe
  • • Laboratory centrifuge MiniSpin plus Eppendorf, Germany
  • • Cooking machine Thermomix Vorwerk, Germany

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