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Food Properties Group

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Food Properties Research Group is integrated by Dr. Silvia Matiacevich (DECYTAL), Dr. Rubén Bustos (DIQ) and postdoctoral researchers Dr. Daniel López and Dr. Carla Arancibia.
Nowadays, three students (from Doctoral and Master Program of Food Science and Technology-USACH) are working on their respective theses relating to bioactive compounds, edible films and healthy foods. Besides, nine undergraduate students are working on their graduation projects under supervision of professors to this research group.

Research lines

- Thermo-physical analysis
- Rheology and texture
- Microstructure
- Computational vision

- Antimicrobial analysis
- Sensory analysis
- Edible coatings

- Stability and characterization of food emulsions
- Micro-nano encapsulation of bioactive compounds
- Deteriorative reactions in food
- Food quality and preservation

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